LUCENT’s advisory experts work with both locally and internationally leading organisations to create and project the sustainable value of their business. We care on how you grow and together we can help make your business fit for the future as we ensure a future that is sustainable and secure.

Our clients are faced by various issues ranging from business performance, business protection, digital adoption and transformation to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) not forgetting the Government and Regulations.

Included Services

  • Consulting Service
  • 24/7 Alltime Supporting
  • Marketing Service
  • Expert Team Members

What we do?

Through our advisory services, we help you create lasting value and responsible growth to make your business fit for the future:

Transaction Advisory

LUCENT’s team of transaction specialists works at deal speed to support clients find and drive value throughout their transformation and transaction lifecycle.

Management Consulting

LUCENT’s Management Consulting specialists can help you identify and solve challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress.

Risk Consulting

LUCENT provides the experience to help companies stay on track and deal with risks that could unhinge their business survival.


LUCENT ensures innovation to results. We provide a new perspective on how to design and implement strategies that win in the current market.